Michigan Woman Needs Living Liver Donor

Amy Gollay is a mother of two and a resident of Michigan. About a year ago she was visiting her doctor for her major digestive issues but after several tests and hospitalizations, she was detected as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Right now, Amy’s fighting an...

Firefighter Needs You To Respond to his Emergency

Frank Felice is a 39-year-old, volunteer firefighter. He lives in Brewster, NY with his wife Alaina Casterella. Frank has two beautiful little daughters. Frank is suffering from Polycystic kidney disease. Polycystic kidney disease is a condition which leaves his...

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Taj From Indiana Needs Your Help

Taj Mohammad is 71-years-old from Indiana. He needs a kidney transplant. He is an electrical design engineer. Last year Taj had a major gout attack in his right knee. Doctors referred him to a nephrologist. Tests revealed Taj’s kidneys were...

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