Margot Datta, 45, of Culemborg, Netherlands, requires an immediate kidney donation from a living donor. She is looking for someone with blood type A+, or compatible.

Her story:

Hello, my name is Margot Datta and I am 45 years old.

At the age of 14 I became very ill and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which impacted my kidneys.

In 1996, my mother donated a kidney to me. Unfortunately, this didn’t go well and the kidney needed to be removed two months later. I was then on dialysis for over two years which was painful and very tiring. In 1998, I received a kidney transplant from a deceased donor that worked for over 20 years; however the kidney function has decreased over the past few years to now where it is only at 5%. I am back on dialysis four times a day and now require a new kidney.

My prognosis is not good, and my time is limited if I do not receive a kidney transplant soon.

I’m on the waiting list of eurotransplant. The waiting period is on average 3 years; however in my case it’s going to take longer because I already had 2 previous transplants. I have a lot of antibodies in my blood. This means that I am also hard to match. My blood type is A+.

The best chance for my surviving is to find a living donor. Transplants with living donors gives me a better chance of success In my case because I can get a treatment for the transplant to have my antibodies removed in my blood (desensitization).

The UMC Utrecht, is ready to take care of my donor and can assist in any information required. There’s a recovery time of a few weeks, but people can live very well with one kidney, provided you are healthy. My mother has not experienced any adverse consequences of the donation and has been living with 1 kidney for more than 22 years.

I’m now looking for a living donor. Do you know of someone or are you someone who can save my life by giving me a kidney?

Love, Margot
 Contact Margot at: info@datta.nl 
For further information or view the following website for donor requirements: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/…/living_…/requirements.html