Elena DePaolo is only 29-years-old from New York. In April 2016 Elena, then 24, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After six months of extensive treatment of Chemotherapy and Radiation, she underwent a Stem Cell Transplant. After six month battle with cancer, Elena survived but the harsh treatment for the cancer demolished her kidneys. As a result, in May 2017, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Her kidneys at that time were functioning at 40%Despite her illness Elena and her husband chose to try for a family of their own. Elena became pregnant for the first time but the fetus did not have a heartbeat. She tried for a baby for the second time and this time, in 2019, she was pregnant with a baby girl. Unfortunately the baby was born at 20 weeks and did not survive. Soon after that Elena and her husband decided to adopt their only child Lorenzo.  By then, she found out that her disease had moved into stage 4 and her kidneys were functioning at 17%. In recent years her kidneys are declining and the disease has moved into stage 5.  She is now on dialysis, three days a week and desperately needs a living kidney donor.  Elana wants her life back and to see her only child grow up before her eyes.  If you’re in good health with blood type O or A and have a strong desire to save a life call ECMC at 716-898-5001 or email them at dhossfeld@ecmc.edu. Save One Person. Save The World. .