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Growing Organs in a Lab to Be Placed in Patients…

In the pursuit of technological successes, and solutions, processes and operations that heal, BCM has accumulated a number of trademarks and acronyms. Knowledge of these trademarks and acronyms are beneficial to the review and consideration of potential BCM opportunities.

BCM – Bovine Closed Herd Medical (BCM), an established industry leader in Regenerative Medicine product production. BCM provides the complete core and foundation of all the Company’s healing products, which are based upon the use of pure and natural animal sourced material that are free of hormones, diseases, unnecessary antibiotics and pathogens.

AP – A qualified and BCM approved “Application Processor” entity that has entered into a business operating License agreement with BCM to operate an Application Production facility (also known as “Production Center”). The AP facility includes the sharing of a significant level of BCM Intellectual Property and participation in a unique BCM technology transfer program.

IOC – Initial Operational Capability, occurs when a facility or site is approved for occupancy and the commencement of production and also production teams are cleared to move into the site or facility and commence scheduled operations.


A Message From Our Founder

Save One Person has been a truly purposeful project for me over the years.  One of G-ds gifts to me is when we have the blessing to facilitate a match that saves someone’s life. It’s just not the life we save, but the lives it affects, like the children, the husband, the wife, the mothers, the fathers.  And then the way this affects future generations, when the lives saved, have more children and make more contributions to this world.  The impact of helping has such far reaching affects that are truly inconceivable.  My dream is to have as many media outlets as possible join our cause and use their channels to save lives with us.  Could you imagine what our world would look like if we broadcast stories every hour of someone who needs urgent life-saving help. How many lives could we save?   Will you join us to build a different type of media?