Beth Nemecek is a resident of Neenah, Wisconsin. Nemecek received a kidney transplant at UW Health in Madison just before Christmas of 2018 through a paired donation kidney exchange. Unfortunately, things took a turn in for the worse in November after Nemecek and her husband Wayne contracted COVID-19.   All on a sudden, one day in between her quarantine period she had a lot of pain in the transplanted kidney area and across her back. Beth started getting very concerned as she could tell her kidney function was decreasingRight before getting COVID her creatinine level was a healthy number of around 2, but when she got checked two weeks later after recovering from COVID, her creatinine level was above seven. That tragically brought Nemecek’s back to the pain and discomfort of dialysis. Nemecek is now waiting for another transplant and praying to get a donor in the new year. Could you be a match for Nemecek? If you’re in good health, have the desire to save a life, please contact United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) website .  or visit the Human Resources and Services Administration website Save One Person. Save The World.