Every day in the US, 17 people die each day waiting because of the shortage of suitable donors. Yet, despite this figure, sixty percent of American citizens are not registered, organ donors. It is also estimated that an average of eight lives could be saved each day if just one more person became an organ donor.

Save One Person is a non-profit dedicated to creating miracles for people in need of living organ donors, bone marrow matches, and other medical miracles that seem impossible to most. Save One Person uses the power of the media to save lives. Our goal is to be a direct resource where people can post their own stories and contact information where we offer them the opportunity to find an immediate medical miracle or bone marrow match.

Save One Person’s mission is to help as many people as possible obtain the medical miracles they need which either brings a sense of peace to them, family members, and friends. Also, we hope that it will serve as a way to create awareness and educate people about the need for living organ donors and bone marrow matches. If we can save just one life from this concept, then our mission has been accomplished.

If you would like to help this mission become a success, we need your support. You can help Save One Person by making a donation that will be used only for rescue operations and to keep our website running.

If you are between 18-60 years old and healthy then we want you! We have already helped hundreds of patients find suitable donor matches and we can help you too! Give yourself the ability to help others without giving away any part of your body. If necessary, we can also use stem cells from your blood or skin tissue so the recipient’s body will not reject them – allowing us to almost anyone as a donor candidate.

You too can make a real difference! Whether it is saving the life of someone who is about to die, becoming an organ donor for transplant patients in need, or hoping that your bone marrow matches up with somebody else – you are changing people’s lives right now.

The world needs your help to see this happen. If you can assist in getting the message out, please contact us ASAP because there is no time for wasting someone’s life at stake!

Go to our website and enter basic information about yourself into our profile page. Once we receive your profile and eligibility has been confirmed, we will provide you with all the information about our transplant center and the doctor who is leading our organ transplant team. You can then decide when to travel for the surgery!

We believe there should be mandatory Save One Person units in media outlets across the world to broadcast hourly, weekly, or monthly the life-saving need of an individual who needs a miracle.

This life-saving need could be obvious; for instance, someone who is awaiting a donation of an organ or tissue match. However, the need could also be subtle. If every station around the world broadcast Save One Person alerts who knows how many lives might be saved. We can only try. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE; SOMEONE’S LIFE IS DEPENDING ON YOU. Visit us at saveoneperson.org to get started today! We are asking you to please take just one minute to sign up and help save someone’s life today!