A new kidney will give Rama a second chance and the opportunity to lead a normal and happy life. He’ll have the energy to go outside and play sports with our boys. We’ll be able to travel as a family and make lifelong memories. A new kidney will allow him to see our boys grow up, graduate from high school, and get married. The wait times to get a kidney from a deceased donor can be 5-7 years. Rama’s doctors have advised him to look for a living donor. Finding a living donor will help him get “off the list” sooner and on to living his life. Most living donor surgeries are done laparoscopically and discharge from the hospital is usually 24-28 hours after surgery. The life expectancy for a living donor is typically longer than the average person. To learn more about living kidney donation or start the testing process on Rama’s behalf, please contact Tammy at Umass Memorial, Kidney Transplant center 508-334-1269. All costs for testing and surgery are covered by Rama’s insurance. Please like and follow his story on Facebook at RK Needs a Kidney. #RKneedsakidney

Thank you for considering giving the gift of life through living kidney donation. You could save my husband’s life or one of the 100,000 people waiting. TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE: https://nkr.org/AWV923

If you’d like to make a donation to Save One Person’s life-saving work please click here: https://save-one-person.myshopify.com/collections/all/products/save-one-person-tax-deductible-donation