Camila Calegari is a mother of two and a Waterloo, Ontario resident. 43-year-old Camila is a gymnastics coach who visited the hospital due to pain in her right side. It was only then she was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, the cancer in the bile ducts, which are branched tubes that go from the liver to the small intestine. September 2018, the cancer is diagnosed at that stage, associated with an average life expectancy of about a year. Surgery for her wasn’t an option because of the number and size of tumors in her liver. So, Camila was advised to start on chemotherapy, which may give her a few extra months. The rigorous chemotherapy schedule was shrinking the largest tumor, not just slowing its growth. But the latest CT scan showed it was growing again. Now she has only one option left: a living donor liver transplant because the wait for a deceased donor transplant is long. Anyone with A or O blood type, ideally between 18 and 50, and in good health with no cancer or other liver conditions can be a Potential donor.

Are you her gift? Maybe God gave us the ability to donate a part of our liver because the liver has the ability to regrow back to its original size …This is the biggest act of kindness a person can ever do…. If you would like to give the gift of life, please contact: using Calegari’s name. Save One Person. Save The World. #DoingGodswork.