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BCM Industries Article

Featured Story Growing Organs in a Lab to Be Placed in Patients… Regenerative Tissue Production Leader Joins with Right to Heal Foundation to Assure Global Patients Gain Access to Advanced Liver and Kidney Organ Healing....

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Miracles & Graves

When You Need a Miracle Where Do You Go?

A Miracle from the Graves:
One of my favorite miracle stories for my non profit (where we highlight one person in the media who needs a medical miracle  to save a life of someone in need of an organ donor) is the one about Heshy Felig.  Heshy, an Orthodox Jew who lives in California,  needed a living kidney donor.   Heshy was dying and needed a miracle. So Heshy took matters into his own hands and went to Israel to pray at the righteous souls’ graves to ask for divine assistance. Heshy’s miracle arrived through the channel of my non profit, Save 1 Person. We sent out a Save 1 alert for Heshy through the media, and a stranger from Alabama, a religious Catholic woman, decided to save his life and give up one of her kidneys as a living kidney donor. Marisa never saw a Jew before, but nevertheless gave a kidney to a Jew.  The stars aligned and Heshy received his miracle.  As I write this Heshy’s ten-year kidney anniversary just passed and recipient and donor are now eternally tied.
From Bars to Graves:
Years ago I was exposed to praying at tsadiks’ graves with the holy Rebbetzin Jungreis in Israel. Before I met her I used to go to bars and clubs not to graves and caves,  Nevertheless, the rebbetzin showed me what it was like to believe in something bigger than the here and now. There was something comforting to me to  go to these righteous souls’ graves. It gave me connection; it gave me hope; it gave me a feeling that I had an angel I could call on when I needed it the most. But most of all it connected me to the world of souls letting me know that I was never alone. There was more than I could see out there.  So now whenever I go to Israel I try to stop where I can get some extra angelic help.
 Studying with Sarah from the Kabbalah Center:
Every Monday, like clock work, I study the Zohar with Sarah Yardeni at the Kabbalah Center. She mentioned she was taking some students to Israel to some tsadiks’ graves.  I asked her if I could go with her, she said yes, and off we went to what seemed to me every single Kabbalist’s grave in the holy land. I thought Rebbetzin Jungreis had it all covered, but with Sarah we went from early morning to late at night praying, connecting, talking, getting and giving messages to the souls that were encased in the tombs and graves.
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My Year Watching Tony Save Lives!

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A year ago, I was feeling I needed something for my soul, to take me to the next level and I didn’t know what? I’ve done a ton of personal growth type of workshops from Landmark Education to Personal Dynamics to the Kabbalah center to numerous torah classes, yet I still felt I needed more. After my friend Felicia, encouraged me to read Tony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, I signed up for his weekend seminar Unleash the Power Within in NJ.   Let’s see what this Tony is about I thought, he seemed pretty interesting in the movie “Shallow Hal”.  The weekend, left me in amazement, dazed, confused, and never feeling more alive.  The experience was between a rock concert, hypnosis, deep self reflection and self growth type of work.  Tony got the group in “peek state”, and I’m not sure if I was hyptonotized or not, when he offered a year of growth by signing up for Mastery University. This program offered a three part series which consisted of Life/wealth mastery in Fiji, Spain or Florida and Date with Destiny in Boca, Florida. I forgot my limiting beliefs, that I don’t have enough money, or time, or my other million other excuses, and I signed up for a different type of University.  The mere fact, I signed up was shocking to me, nevertheless, just like walking over the hot coals on the fire walk in New Jersey, I took a leap of faith.
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Can Going to Fiji Save a Life?


On my never ending journey to learn valuable life lessons, this time it led me to the shores of Fiji in the South Pacific. I never really heard of Fiji, outside of the water, much less even know where it was located on the map. Nevertheless, I knew that the information gained on this adventure would benefit me, my family, and the world at large. Because one golden nugget of information shared in the right hands could be life changing. Please bear with me as I share my Fijian

First and foremost let me start with the beauty of the Fijian people. One of the enticements of going to Fiji was learning about the land of Fiji in a Tony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within” The way Tony Robbins described the Fijian people, it was something I knew I wanted to experience firsthand. So when he offered one of his programs in Fiji,  I jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime.

The beauty of the Fijian people is that they are in the now. They are not stressing out about yesterday or tomorrow. There’s few iPhones, iPads, electronic devices amongst the Fijian people and the best form of social media is a volleyball game with laughing and chatting. In a matter of fact in restaurants there’s no wifi so that families from abroad can put down their devices and be present for each other. I learned in my travels, there’s a ton of villages and if one child is orphaned, the village takes care of the child or children.

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