Stella is a 56 year old mother of three who lives in Los Angeles and is in urgent need of a live kidney donor. Stella was born with a genetic disease that caused her kidneys to start failing at an early age. She was blessed to be matched with a cadaver donor, but that kidney is now failing as well. 

Stella works as a pharmacist and is also a professional piano player. She enjoys gardening, historical fiction novels and anything related to the arts. Stella has three wonderful boys; Mosha, who is in the middle of his residency in pediatrics, Mottie, who is just starting his junior year as an Economic major at UCLA and Benny, the 10th grader who dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer.

Her blood type is AB+ so almost anyone can qualify to be a donor! Would you consider being a living kidney donor to Stella? if you answered yes, please call Stella coordinators at Ceders Sinai Hospital who will walk you through the steps necessary to find out if you qualify to be a donor.

If you last name starts with A to K, call Jessica at 310-423-8463 and if it starts with with L to Z, call Miguel at 310-423-4718. Please don’t forget to mention her full name and DOB (Stella Semenova, DOB 06/04/1962)