Toms River, New Jersey resident Gerard Ceraso is 66-year’s old. He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2008 while he was only 54. Gerard is a court officer and a father of two sons. After his first diagnosis with kidney failure, he received his first transplant, January 19th, 2010. His wife Michele donated her kidney. Gerard was doing well for about eight years after the transplant. Jonathan started having problems again in 2018. And since 2019 he has been on dialysis for three days a week, four hours a day. Dialysis is keeping him alive.  Gerard needs another transplant and he is seeking a living kidney donor to save his life.  His wife Michelle put up flyers seeking to find her beloved a living donor.  She even put up ads on the back of his truck trying to draw attention to Gerard’s plight.  Gerard has blood type B+ blood.
Could you be a match for Gerard Ceraso? If you’re in good health, have the desire to save a life, please contact St. Barnabus in NJ, Phone: 973-322-5346 and indicate you’d like to be a donor for  Gerard Ceraso. Save One Person. Save The World.