Joe Greene with his naturally jolly demeanor and white beard is known as Santa Claus. Greene is the owner of 161 Flea Market, where he hosts a yearly Christmas village. He dresses up as Santa, gives train rides, and hands out hundreds of candy canes. This year is no different to Santa spreading Christmas cheer, although he paces himself due to fatigue. Greene, a diabetic and survivor of two cardiac surgeries, because of diabetes, his kidney function has dropped to 14 percent. This Christmas, he’s got something unique on his wish list – a kidney. Greene needs a kidney from a living donor. He is hoping his wish comes true in the new year.
If you are type O blood group and have a desire to save a life, please call  (704) 616-2659 for more information. Share your spare with Joe Greene and give him the gift of life. Spread the story to other angels for help. Save One Person. Save The World.