Roni Cohen is only 27-year’s old. This young and beautiful girl fell deep in love with Bar Armon, who is a handsome young man from Hod Hasharon, Israel. They both started dreaming to make a home of their own. The two then dived into their wedding planning, set the date for the wedding on September 17 this year and then their dreams turned into a horror.

Roni’s health suddenly deteriorated, small lesions formed on her face, her neck muscles cramped, glands in her neck swelled, as did the roof of her mouth, and blue marks appeared on her legs. All their dreams came crashing down when Roni was diagnosed with leukemia.

Roni desperately needs a bone marrow transplant to get better and to get married to her fiance Bar. Would you consider being a savior to Roni? Roni’s match would likely be in the Yemenite, Moroccan community as that is her genetic background. If you would like to save a beautiful bride and help her walk down the wedding aisle, please visit to find out more. Save One Person. Save The World.