Eileen from Connecticut is fighting for her life and seeking the kindness of a stranger to save her. Eileen is a survivor and has had her share of obstacles and her faith keeps her searching for her savior.  Eileen was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, an inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. For Eileen, the organs most affected by this horrible disease are her kidneys.  In July of 2002 she underwent surgery to receive a new kidney that was lovingly donated by her sister.  Her sister’s unselfish gift made her live a normal life for fourteen years.  In late 2015, Eileen’s kidneys were once again failing and she was in dire need of another kidney transplant.  That miracle was received from her co-worker, Nancy Lavoie. Sadly, in 2020 Eileen started showing signs that the kidney was beginning to fail.  Further testing showed she had breast cancer. It was further discovered that Eileen also had SCC (squamous cell carconoma) which is a form of skin cancer.  Eileen is now in remission from both cancers and tragically her kidneys she received in 2016 did not survive all the treatments.  Eileen now has to undergo the dueling process of dialysis and is in need of another kidney transplant.  If you want to truly to be an angel to a woman who suffered tremendously and give the gift of life your kidney call the National Kidney Registry at 866-925-3897 or email kidney4EileenR@gmail.com. Save One Person. Save The World.