Joshua Tannen is a 32-year-old living in Tampa, Florida who was diagnosed with renal failure when he was only 12-year’s-old. His loving mom donated her kidney to her son in 2002. After 9 years in 2011, Josh’s body rejected the kidney. Since then he has been patiently waiting for a new kidney for last 9 years. Josh is on dialysis for 11 hours every night. The Dialysis is grueling and it takes its toll. His dependence on the dialysis machine prevents him from enjoying life. His father even tried to donate a kidney but he was not compatible to donate or be a part of the pair kidney exchange. Josh is 31 now, and is desperately seeking someone who is willing to give up one of his or her kidneys, so he can live a normal life.

His blood type is O+. He waits everyday for the call that could save his life. Are you that call?

Do you have the desire to save a life? Maybe God gave us two kidneys, to give a spare…This is the biggest act of kindness a person can ever do…. If you would like to give the gift of life you can call (480)342-1010. Save One Person. Save The World. #DoingGodswork