Corina loves boxing, cooking and her husband, Bod.  She is a resident of Philadelphia after moving here from Venezuela.  Her life was perfect until she developed a sinus infection.  After a trip to the doctors office she learned she had IGA nephropathy.  

But Corina was very strong inside. She thought being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease—that rapidly progressed—wasn’t a life sentence for her. She refused to let it hold her back or get her down. She found ways to stay active and to stay positive. The specialists said it could take 20 years until her kidneys would stop working but unfortunaely It only took 5.

Corina is 34 now, she used to love boxing and travelling. Right now, her life isn’t the same and she doesn’t feel the same, either. For her walking is exhausting, talking is exhausting. Yet she is still hopeful.  

She needs a living kidney donor. With a new kidney she will box again, take Ernie for a walk longer than 10 minutes and surprise her husband with a trip somewhere that doesn’t require 3 months of preparation with doctor’s notes, dialysis refills, and prescription renewals. Would you consider being a savior to Corina? If you answered yes, please download this form: bit.ly/JeffersonDonorForm and email it to livingdonor@jefferson.edu.

To contact the Transplant Center directly or to learn more about living donation, please call 215-503-4000

visitkidney.org/livingdonationor go to bit.ly/JeffersonLivingDonation. Save One Person. Save The World.