This was posted on the CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) FB group.
Sharing this important message for a close friend of a close friend:
Dear Friends and Family,
This is the hardest letter that I have ever written in my 65 years. I recently learned from my doctor that I have a life-threatening need for a kidney transplant. Here’s where my story began … At 29, while pregnant with my only child, I was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease.
At 37, my condition worsened, and I had a successful kidney transplant donated by my sister, Sherri, that lasted 28 years! This was the gift of life. My husband, Elias, and I were blessed to watch our daughter graduate from college, earn a law degree, marry and give birth to our first grandson, Henry. I love every single minute of being a ‘Nana’. This has been by far the happiest and most fulfilling time of my life. Until now…Recently my kidney entered rejection. When I shared this devastating news with my family, they stepped forward to help, but unfortunately, neither my husband nor daughter are viable candidates. I have so many more stories to tell. I hope to continue doing what I love best … being an involved Nana, Mother, Wife, Aunt, Friend — and active contributor to my community. With great humility, I ask that you consider donating a kidney. There are no financial costs for a donor, nor does the donor need to be in New York. A simple cheek swab test will determine if you’re a match. For more information, please contact Renewal:  Email: or phone 718-431-9831 ext. 209
Thank you for allowing me to come to you during this difficult time in my life. Please see the attached. With gratitude on behalf of me and my family,