Nellie is too young to know this pain. Nellie Njootli from Vancouver was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ERSD) and Chronic Kidney Disease at a very tender age. Nellie was only nine when she received her first transplanted kidney on June 7, 2002. After 20 good years in May 2022, her kidney showed some symptoms of rejection. Finally on August 15th this year she was put on dialysis and a piece of her colon also had to be removed because of a cancerous polyp that turned out to just be precancerous. She is now on hemodialysis for the past three months, three times a week, for four hours a day. Nellie is not even 30 yet. Nellie wants her life back and needs the kindness of a stranger to make her dreams come true. If you are over 19-years-old, in good health, have a desire to be an angel and save a life, please contact the Living Donation Program at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, at 1 (604) 806-9027. You can also visit: for more information. Share your spare with Nellie Njootli and give her the gift of life to accomplish all she wanted to accomplish in life. Save One Person. Save The World.