Hara has saved many lives, now she needs a kind hearted stranger to save her life. Hara Kempton was born on¬†December 31, 1975, is a loving and dedicated nurse and a resident of PEI, Canada. She was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in 2012, a rare autoimmune liver disease that attacks the bile ducts. She has been working in PEI as a nurse for over 20 years.¬†In the last three years she has been getting sicker and sicker and now needs a living liver donor. She is asking for someone to volunteer to share part of their liver with her. Her choices are narrowing and the risks are getting scarier. The liver is an amazing organ that will grow back to full size for the donor within 2-3 months! Anyone in between the ages16-60 with the blood type both O+ and O- can donate. The living donor needs to be healthy. If you’re in good health and have a strong desire to save a life, please call 416-340-4800 ext 6581 or email livingdonorliver@uhn.ca. Save One Person. Save The World.