41-year-old Matthew Novelli is a resident of Elgin, Texas. He was born with one kidney and when he was only 2, his only kidney was failing. His mother was the donor of his first transplant, tragically the transplant wasn’t successful and failed within 24 hours. On his 3rd birthday he received his 2nd transplant that lasted for 20 years. At 24, he got his 3rd transplant that lasted until 2020. In February 2020, he noticed himself beginning to feel sick again, since that time he’s been on dialysis three times a week. Like every normal human being Matt also wants to live a full life and wants to grow old with his family, without depending on a painful dialysis machine.  If you’re in good health and have a strong desire to save a life, please call 512-901-2880 or visit  https://www.nkr.org/LKS625  Save One Person. Save The World.