Katherine (Kathy) Malone is a 45-year-old woman from the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. She was diagnosed with ESRD (End Stage Renal disease) in 2017.

Kathy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in childhood, Kathy also has a long family history of cardiac issues.

When Kathy had heart surgery in 2016, she was told  losing kidney function might be a side effect of the surgery.

Although Kathy’s kidneys did not return 100 percent, following the open heart surgery, they did bounce back fairly well and remained stable for a while. That was until Kathy noticed her legs and face were swollen.

That day she went to the nurse and told her something wasn’t right. After testing, the nephrologist said, “You need a kidney. You’re going on dialysis.”

Now, Kathy Malone desperately is in need of a living kidney donor.

Do you have the desire to save a life?

If you answered yes, please contact her husband Kevin Malone on 708-289-6049.

For more details please visit https://kathyneedsakidney.info

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