Help save a life. Stephen Bagby from North Carolina, is a small business owner and a father of five in n 2006 was diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Though Stephen has no family history of kidney disease he was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a rare disease that caused his kidney failure. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a disease in which scar tissue develops on the glomeruli, the small parts of the kidneys that filter waste from the blood. Later he found that it was due to untreated strep throat – a bacterial infection that can make your throat feel sore and scratchy. Strep throat accounts for only a small portion of sore throats. If untreated, strep throat can cause complications, such as kidney inflammation or rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever can lead to painful and inflamed joints, a specific type of rash, or heart valve damage. In his case strep disease attacked his kidneys, and that’s permanent damage. He got a kidney transplant in 2009 but after 10 years the doctors found that his body was rejecting the kidney and he Stephen started dialysis in August 2019 for three days a week. If you have a desire to be angel and save a life, please call at 336-497-1250 or call to the Wake Forest Baptist Health at 336-713-5685. For more information about kidney donation, please visit being tested to see if you can be a kidney donor, contact Wake Forest Baptist Health and give them Stephen’s full name (Stephen Bagby) and birth date (12/7/1979). Stephen wants some more time to spend with his kids. Help Stephen to see his kids grow before his eyes. Share your spare with Stephen Bagby, Save One Person, Save The World.