Save One Child. Save The World.  Too young to know such heartache! Poppy from England is only five year’s old and needs a kidney transplant. In 2019, she was diagnosed with kidney failure, while she was taken to the hospital for an allergy test. Poppy was only 19 months old then. Poppy received a kidney transplant on 1 January, 2020 but within a few days, Poppy’s body rejected the new kidney. Since then, Poppy is on dialysis in her bedroom, six nights a week for 10 hours every night. A new kidney is on the family’s new year wish. If you have a desire to save a life, please  visit or visit for more information about NHS Organ Donation. The family is reaching out to the world to help their baby beat this condition so she can have a long life. Will you be Poppy’s life-saver and be a living kidney donor? Share your spare with this five year old angel Poppy and give her the gift of life. Spread the story to other angels for help. Save One Person. Save The World.