Carol William from Georgia is a single mom of two. Carol Williams was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease in 2015. On November 2, 2016 she had a kidney transplant and found out her donated organ was failing just months after the transplant. Currently she requires 10 hours per day on home dialysis. Williams was a pediatric nurse for 14 years. But her kidney disease left her blind with other medical complications. She had a triple heart bypass surgery due to the disease in 2016 and in 2017, she has had four eye surgeries, total retina detachment in both eyes causing her total blindness. Now her only functioning kidney started rejecting. Carol is a believer and she has relied on her faith to get her through several health crises.  She is hoping that a second donor will step forward to provide a life-saving kidney after the first transplant failed. Carol hopes someone will see her story and will be willing to give her the “gift of life”.  A living donor is her best bet at regaining her health. Are you in good health and have the desire to save a life? If you answered yes, contact Emory Hospital’s Transplant Center. Visit for more information. Save One Person. Save The World.