Dear Donor:
At the moment I am in the fight of my life. I am not at my best right now, I mean how could I be when dealing with this horrible disease, chronic kidney disease (CKD). Lately, I have been thinking about what the future holds and how I can possibly face it in my condition. Will I prevail over this illness or succumb to it? One thing for certain is that I am not willing to quit fighting for my life. I won’t stop trying to remain alive. There are too many things I yet want to do in my life, so many promises made and plans to carry out. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a disruptive illness, primarily because once the kidneys stop working there are no therapies available to rejuvenate them. The only options are either dialysis or to receive a kidney transplant. Needless to say if given a choice between the two I would easily choose a transplant. Most people would probably choose a transplant for a number of reasons, mostly because of the fact that it offers the most freedom and independence.  With a transplant I would not be tied to an artificial kidney machine to keep me alive. However, to receive a transplant I first must connect to my donor. That’s why I set up this campaign. I believe there are people willing to be my altruistic donor once they understand my story. They may have thought about it or may have even taken the steps in the past to be tested for somebody else, but were not a compatible match. Others may have the desire to save the life of someone like me, but they don’t know how to go about doing it. They may be concerned about financial costs, or the time they might be required to take off work or a host of other different concerns may be preventing them from doing what is in their mind to do. I want to state clearly through this campaign, any obstacle can be overcome if you have the heart to be the life-saving donor I so much need. Together we will bat down every obstacle. If you say you will be my donor we will successfully work through EVERYTHING in our way. If you will just say YES to being my donor. Will you? The evidence is clear now. The medical and scientific communities have proven that human beings can live their lifespan with just one healthy kidney and to some degree because of these facts there has been an increase in the number of living donors. More lives have been saved because of those generous donors. I hope that you will seriously consider being my donor and giving me a second chance at life. With the time afforded me by your gift-of-life, I will pay forward the richness of the tremendous kindness that you showed me. Thank you for your contemplation of becoming a living kidney donor. I most certainly need your help. click here to register:
Harry Spaine