Needs a kidney - Russian Cantors husband Arcady - A

Arcady Litmanovich from Fairlawn, NJ is suffering from kidney failure. He is only 43, a loving husband and father of two beautiful kids. Arcady Litmanovich, suffered from kidney related problems since he was a young boy. At the age of 14, one of his kidneys was removed and he remained with one malfunctioning kidney. Back then he was also infected with a hepatitis C virus, which he has successfully treated a few years ago. Despite his continuous struggle with Chronic Kidney Disease, Arcady led a fairly normal life-style until about four years ago, when his condition went into a pre-final stage.  Now Arcady is in kidney failure. Since this was an inevitable outcome of his disease, his loving wife Maria started to test to be a donor. She knew that one day she, as his wife and the future mother to his children, would need to take an action, that if she marries this man, there will come a day when she will need to donate one of her kidneys to the love of her life. Maria decided and was preparing herself from the beginning to donate one of her kidneys to Arcady to give him a new life. Maria says- “And thus, every time I would eat a hamburger or drink one or two glasses too much, I would tell myself – “stop, you need to take care of yourself, you have a kidney to donate and it needs to be healthy…” So when the time did come, I was as ready and willing to donate as I could possibly be”. Despite all her preparation, efforts and the severe screening process, the medical team reviewed her test results and, informed her that she is not a life-saving match. Now – she is lost. She is looking for a donor ASAP to save Arcady’s life. She tells everyone -“We are in need of a kidney, could you spare yours, please?” We need to help them. We need to be by the side of this brave woman to save her husband, to save these two little kids from losing their father from death. Would you consider being a living kidney donor to Arcady?  if you answered yes, please contact or call (347) 449-1679 with your blood type and contact information.  Arcady Litmanovich blood type is A.