It’s every parents worst nightmare, to hear their child has a terminal illness. Elizabeth Reyes is a 14-year-old teen living in Illinois with her parents. One day she was taken to the doctor for a regular check up, after a few blood tests her parents were informed that their daughter has end-stage kidney diseaseElizabeth, known as Lizzie to her friends. was diagnosed with nephronophthisis (NPHP), a cystic kidney disease that is the most frequent genetic cause of end-stage kidney disease in people under 30. Unlike patients with polycystic kidney disease, those with NPHP either have normal or slightly diminished kidney size. Treatment options for NPHP are dialysis and kidney transplant.  Lizzie is on dialysis for three times a week, three hours a day.  Only 10% of her kidneys are functioning.  Lizzie is so you ng and she has so much to live for and to see in her young life.  Unfortunately, at this stage, her desperate need is to find a living kidney donor to save her life.  If you’re in good health, under the age of 55, over the age of 18, have blood type O and have a strong desire to save a teenager’s life, please call 312-227-6551 or contact Kaitlyn White, the kidney pre-transplant nurse coordinator at Lurie Children’s Hospital at kawhite@luriechildren’  Save One Person. Save The World.