Heather Ledbetter from North Carolina has had many struggles for her few years at 36 and it’s time to create a different and brighter future. Heather developed in recent years a rare blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera. This condition causes blood clots. Clots formed in Heather’s liver, causing her to eventually need an receive a liver transplant in 2011. The liver transplant, although successful at the time, caused her kidneys to fail from the stress. Heather’s kidneys stopped functioning and as if she hasn’t been through enough now she needs a living kidney donor. You might be the person who could make the difference for Heather. Kidney donation would provide her with the gift of life. The transplant would be done at UNC Chapel Hill Hospital. Her insurance will cover all testing and surgery costs. The donor can return to daily activities one or two weeks after the surgery because the surgery is done laparoscopically. A living Donor program will cover the food, lodging and travel expenses. Heather has O blood, but a person with any blood type can donate with the “Paired Kidney Donation” program. Will you save a life? Call 828-696-5525. Save a life.