Jeff  Blumenfeld turns to a Billboard to help save his life. Colorado resident Jeff Blumenfeld was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in 2009 and required a nephrectomy. Since then, for the last 13 years he has been living on one kidney. Now, tragically, his other kidney is also falling. Jeff is now in stage 4 kidney failure. Jeff is looking for a living donor and asking both friends and strangers to save his life Jeff wants to be there for his grandchildren and also to raise awareness to help others on lists. If you are in good health and have a desire to save a life, can you share your spare? Jeff is compatible with O blood type. Even if you do not have the same blood type, you can donate as part of a paired exchange program.  Please contact Jeff directly at You can also visit his website or for more information. Share your spare with  Jeff Blumenfeld and give him the gift of life. Spread the story to other angels for help. Save one person. Save the world.