Can you help save Tanya’s life?  Tanya Guralny had a kidney transplant 19 years ago in 2002 from a deceased kindey donor.  At the time of the surgery, doctors warned her that the kidney would last at best for 15 years.  Now, after 15 years she in search of a new kidney.  This time from a living kidney donor which may give her a life expectancy of 30-40 years.  Tanya has been waiting for almost three years.  In these three years, seven prospective donors tested for her, one being her nephew.  Unfortuantely, none of these prospects were a match.  Now, she is seeking the kindness of a stranger to help save her life.  Tanya’s blood type is A postiive, which means she can receive a kidney from an A or 0 donor.  Could you be a match for Tanya? If you’re in good health, have the desire to save a life, you can register online with the Cleveland Clinic to find out if you could be a match. To fill out the form, you will need her medical record number, which is 30697430. You can also talk to Tanya directly to (716) 912-5037 or email her at Save One Person. Save The World.