Ursula Phillips, according to her aunt is a little diva, can capture the room’s attention with her
smile, grace and charm and is born to enchant the world. Ursula loves dresses, make up and everyday you can hear her deep belly laugh that makes everyone else join in the laughter. Ursula is only five-year’s old, although her size is small, her dreams are enormous. After nine open heart surgeries, only her right chamber is working to pump blood to her little body. At the last meeting with her cardiologist, the Doctor said her heart is only functioning at 27 percent.  Doctors say it’s time to get Ursula a heart. The following may sound harsh and do you know someone who is on life support that the family can designate as a directed donor? If you think you can help this little princess please call Ursula’s aunt at 510-776-0273. Save One Person. Save The World.