This beauty needs a hero. Alisha Gokani at 7 was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in her kidneys failing. Her mom gave her one of her kidneys at 13, unfortunately at only 19 that kidney failed. Alisha is 23 now. She has been on dialysis for the last four year. Dialysis has been the only way to her alive.  Every day is a struggle for her as she is facing exhaustion from dialysis four times a week, alongside full-time education.  Alisha desperately needs a living kidney donor.  A living donor from the same ethnicity (Indian) would be the best possible match. Recently even with all her struggles she still completed her University placement year working at one of the best global tech companies in the world.  If you’re in good health, have a strong desire to save a life, call 0300 123 23 23 or visit for further information.  Please share this posting so her life can be saved.  Alisha is so young and she has more to do in her life.  Please help Alisha get her life back.  Save One Person. Save The World.