Yelena Gass-Bronstein from Missouri has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease for many years and it is progressing. She was serving as a nurse until the date she could no longer work because of her illness. Yelena has been a frontliner and served so many lives in COVID panadamic. Due to her kidney disease she will need dialysis. Dialysis is very difficult for the human body to endure and it weakens other organs, making a transplant surgery riskier and potentially less effective for her. If you have the blood type ‘A+’ and have a desire to be an angel to save a life,  please mail her directly at or call Barnes-Jewish Hospital Transplant Center, St. Louis, Mo. at 314-362-5365 or 1-800-633-9906, Option 4 and tell them you are calling for Yelena Gass-Bronstein. If you are not a direct match, you can still donate a kidney to Yelena by participating in UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing) – Kidney Paired Donation program, offered by her transplant hospital. In a Kidney Paired Donation, the living donors for recipients are swapped so each recipient receives a compatible kidney. Share your spare with Yelena and give her the gift of life. Spread the story around to help her get a kidney for her life. Save One Person. Save The World.