No one should have to live like this! Joann Wellman, 67, from Frewsberg, New York was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease in her 20s. In 2000 she was also diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Unfortunately, the treatments had a negative impact on her kidney function and led her to a kidney transplant. Joann was fortunate enough to find and receive a living kidney donor in 2012. Now, tragically, she needs her second transplant. Joann’s kidney is functioning only at 30% and she has been on dialysis since July, 2020. Joann needs a living kidney donor, now. Joann has type O blood and needs a potential donor with the same blood type. If you’re in good health, have the desire to save a life, and would consider being a living kidney donor contact Joann Wellman directly at Save One Person. Save The World.