Save this life. John Bice is battling an autoimmune disorder that attacks his liver. John’s liver disease has progressed to stage 3 cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver refers to severe, irreversible scarring of the liver. Fibrotic scar tissue has crowded out more of the healthy tissue, making it much harder for the liver to function. At the cirrhosis stage, patients may experience more symptoms of liver damage including jaundice, weakness, fatigue, appetite and weight loss, abdominal bloating, and edema in the extremities. In Bice’s case,  the most visible toll is weight loss and he often feels too ill to eat. His mornings consist of dizziness, nausea, and a cocktail of around 16 pills, including blood thinners. Those with cirrhosis are also more susceptible to developing liver cancer.  Bice needs a living liver donor to live. If you are of blood type ‘O’ between the ages of 18-60 with a healthy liver and have a desire to be an angel and save a life, please call at 1-585-275-5875. Share a portion of your liver with Jon BiceSave One Person. Save The World.