Save a Beautiful Young Man. 20-year-old young man from Texas, Dakota Hunter Johnson had a sudden heart attack, that’s when doctors discovered he has congenital end stage renal disease. Dakota only has 2% kidney function. Hunter is athletic and well built and there was no prior symptoms of kidney disease. End Stage Renal Disease occurs when the gradual loss of kidney function become advanced.  The kidney filters waste and excess fluids from the blood; loss of these filtering abilities can cause dangerous levels of fluid and wastes to build up.  Hunter is on dialysis five days a week.  This young man need a kidney transpant from a livng donor.  If you are 18 – 60, have a desire to be an angel and save a life, please call Kidney Solutions at 830-285-2140.  You can also register at Texas Health as a donor.  Share your spare and save a life. Save One Person. Save The World.