Paul Sackett, a 55-year-old resident of Cadillac, Michigan.  Last year he started to lose weight mysteriously going from 215 to 165 pounds.  One of his co-workers commented that he looked gray and awful.  After that incident he went for a check up and he was diagnosed with PSC  (Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis) a cirrhosis of the liver.  Paul’s cirrhosis was caused by a rare autoimmune disease that affects his bile ducts.  That means billirubin is building up in his system and not filtering through his liver correctly because his bile ducts are malfunctioning. Paul’s skin has turned a greeinsh-yellow and he is constantly fatigued.  He can’t even got out of his chair without becoming exhausted.  To keep his disease under control and his skin from itching incessantly, he has to check his blood two to three times a month and to take 10 pills every morning and a couple more in the evening.  In addition, he has to go to the hospital every other month to undergo an outpatient procedure to remove the billrubin that isn’t filtering through his liver.  The procedure is similar to what doctors do with the heart valves where doctors us the balloons and stents to open his bile ducts. Now, Paul needs a liver transplant.  Due to his condition, Paul doesn’t score high in the cadaver list and the reason why he is now looking for a live donor. The donor should be between the ages of 21 and 55, in good health with type O blood.  If you have the desire to save a life, give Paul his.  If you would like to give the gift of life, you can contact University of Michigan Hospital at 1-800-333-9013 or email TXP-Donors@med, and mention you want to get tested for Paul Sackett.  Save One Person Save the World.