Father of three in Israel desperately needs a living kidney donor. 
Avichai suffers from kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant immediately. Three times a week Avicahai goes to dailysis for the last 20 years and it’s literally sucking the life out of him. Avichai’s body has built up antibodies and as a result doctors say he has a one percent  chance of finding a match. We want to change those odds and get him his life saving kidney match.  Are you in good health, have O blood, will travel to Israel and have the desire to save a life? If you answered yes, contact kidneymitzvah@aol.com
 Save One Person. Save The World.
An email from Avichai’s wife:
* please share as much as possible * So it’s been three years from the previous post, and still no donor.
It’s my husband’s life.37-Year-old avichai suffers from kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant urgently!
For 20 years he’s been through dialysis treatments, three times a week when every treatment is about five hours and another hour away.The treatments are hard and hard, they give animals but the same as we charge so many precious hours.
At the age of 15, he had a kidney transplant that contributed to his father z. The transplant was successful but a year later, my father had cancer He was in a very difficult situation and after a prolonged struggle won the cancer, but due to the hard treatments the kidney was denied and also the body of avichai developed 100 % antibodies
The antibodies are very hard on finding a suitable donor.
By the transplant, it takes a donor that fits a-percent, which is why the difficulty in finding a donor is a lot bigger for him than other people who need a kidney
It’s important to me that you know who the person behind the medical story is,
My Father came into my life 7 years ago and despite his medical condition, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him! My Father is the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life, anyone who knows him falls in love with him in a
Husband giving and kindness rare, values, funny and sensitive – really a real prince!
We have three amazing kids, who came after a lot of anticipation and hard on the way, and made our lives happy and full.
Despite the endless happiness, the difficulty of raising children, alongside dialysis treatments, is growing.
My Father is an amazing father, devoted and loving no less than a mother, but he has been missing many hours from home and often returns from the mhdyʼlyzh in a power of power and can
I’m not sorry for a moment about my choice, I won an amazing husband and an amazing father to our children, but the fear of losing him is always hovering
I know it’s a big request but praying that comes the right person who wants to give life to my husband and save his life and my life – literally ❤
The donor should have any blood type from group o, over the age of 25, healthy health, wide heart and desire to save lives. If it’s a woman, she should be after births, z doesn’t plan to bring more children (by preventing complications in the future).
For more details in watts:
Trimming Flint (Mother of avichai)-054-8834585
(not on Saturday)
Of course, we’ve also turned to a life gift and they’re having trouble finding a suitable donor.
* in the family is not a suitable donor, but the family members are ready to cross-Cross.
* it is important to note that today the surgery is relatively easy, in a few days you can return to full routine and can live with one kidney until 120.
* Thank you to everyone who turned last time and expressed willingness to donate ❤️
* the donor is entitled to financial compensation and other conditions from the National Security (from a link detailing the donor rights)