Sometimes when you lose your sight, your vision improves immensely. Matt has the desire to turn his struggles into helping others who have lost their vision. Matt from California  has known his shares of struggles, starting at the age 0f 11 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In addition, Matt has had several life-altering complications due to this disease which includes losing 40% of his vision.  But although Matt’s sight was deteriorating  his vison grew larger than himself. Matt enrolled in a specialized course to learn how to re-enter the world as a legally blind individual, then enrolled in Cuesta College with the hopes of teaching others how to navigate their challenges. Unfortunately in Matt’s journey to improve the lives of other, he was derailed recently learning he has  Stage 5 renal failure and needs a kidney transplant. We need to find an angel who knows how to see through the eyes of the heart to give him his gift:  a living kidney donor.   Matt needs someone with O blood, in good health and a desire to save a life. To learn more Matt is listed at the Stanford Kidney Transplant Program.  If you have the desire to save a life, you can contact via email or contact on Instagram: @Shareyourspare.kidney, Facebook: Shareyourspare.kidney. Save One Person. Save The World.