Zachary Tremblay is a 16-year-old who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Zach was born with renal hypoplasia-dysplasia, a condition which causes underdeveloped kidneys. Diagnosed at birth with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Zack has been battling this disease since his birth. Until he was 12, Zach kept his condition in check with medication but once puberty hit, the pressure on his kidneys mounted and his kidney function plummeted.
Approximately two years ago, Zach thought he found his miracle a living kidney donor.  Due to a huge mistake by the surgeons, the kidney had to be removed.  Zach endured four surgeries in two days.  Because of the surgeries, Zach built up high antibodies making it extremely more difficult to find that perfect match.
Today, Zach has end-stage renal failure in both organs. He takes about 30 pills daily, and needs to undergo 11 hours of dialysis every night to get waste out of his system. Zach is badly in need of a living kidney donor blood type  O, O- or O+– The RH Factor is irrelevant, and can be controlled by meds. Zach needs your help, he needs a miracle to save his life!
Zach’s Facebook page is Zach needs a kidney like yesterday.
Do you have the desire to be an angel? If you answered yes, please call 604-806-9027 and contact the Living Kidney Donor Program, St. Paul’s Hospital, or call 1-877-922-9822 (Toll Free). You can also email to