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How cool would it be if you saved someone else’s life?
Imagine being able to jump in and help someone when they’re in big trouble. Whether it’s giving CPR, rescuing someone from drowning, or donating organs, it’s all about making a huge difference.
It’s cool because it shows how brave and compassionate, we can be in tough situations. And the bond you create with the person you save is really special. Plus, when others see what you’ve done, it inspires them to do good too. Saving a life is like being a real-life superhero (and you will be treated as one), and that’s about as cool as it gets!
My life partner and soulmate, Andrea, has been living with diabetes since she was eleven years old. She didn’t have a normal childhood like most of us did. Then, her father died suddenly from cancer when she was seventeen. She is now in kidney failure (for the second time) and doing dialysis treatments 3x per week (four hours each treatment) to keep her alive. Her doctors have told us that a transplant is her only chance of a longer life. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could, but I am also a diabetic which disqualifies me. If you’re open to being a living donor or know someone who might be, please get in touch. Your generosity could be the lifeline she desperately needs. Let’s spread the word and make a life-changing connection. Thank you for your support! �� #KidneyTransplantNeeded #LivingDonorSearch �� #NeedAKidney #HelpAFriend