Eric Peluso needs a living kidney donor!   What would it take to find a miracle?
What would it take to find that needle in a haystack a complete stranger willing to save a life. Eric Puluso from West Hempstead, NY is praying for a kind hearted stranger to step forward to donate a kidney. Eric has suffered over 20 years in kidney failure, his mother and father have both died as he watched them die slowly before his very own eyes with similar health issues. We want to give Eric a brighter future and your body can be that savior! Do you know you can live a long heathy life with just one kidney? Maybe G-d gave us two kidneys so we could give someone our spare. Would you consider being Eric’s hero? If you’re in good health and have a strong desire to save a life please call the NYU Langone Transplant Institute at (212) 263-3621 or click here:
Save One Person. Save The World.