Save this child. Madison Belz has been battling cystic dysplasia since birth, a disease that doesn’t let her kidneys grow normally. Cystic dysplasia is defined by microscopic features, due to parenchymal malformation of the fetal kidney. As a result, the kidney contains primitive ducts and cysts as well as non-kidney tissues such as cartilage, fat, and hematopoietic tissue. And nothing can be done to save this kidney. When Madison was just seven year’s old, she had her first kidney transplant from her aunt after spending months on dialysis.  Now, the kidnney has stopped working properly and Madison needs another living kidney donor at just 13 year’s old.  If you would like to be an angel, under 50 year’s old, have 0 blood and would like to save a life, please fill out this form  Save One Person. Save The World.
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