This is Khaleda Akhter a senior scientist of BRRI (Bangladesh Rice Research Institute). After her PhD from Saitama University, Japan, she migrated to Canada and now lives in Vancouver. She  traveled to China on business and all on a sudden, she became drastically ill. On June 20th, she was hospitalized because of food poisoning and high fever. Immediately after being admitted, she went through an intensive abdominal surgery. Since then, her health has been deteriorating to respiratory failure and septic shock. Over time the septic shock lead to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and a severe lung infection. She is an ICU patient and has been under ventilation support this entire time. Her family wanted to take her back to Canada, but the air ambulance costs are over their limit at 200 thousand Canadian dollars (CAD). 

Khaleda 1

We need to help this brave lady a long, healthy life. Would you consider being a savior to Khaleda?  If you answered yes, please visit: to learn more.

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