Cynthia Hall is a mother of a 14-year-old kid and a resident of California. She was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease (end stage kidney failure) which means her kidneys are severely damaged and can no longer perform as they should. Cynthia needs a kidney transplant. Or she will be hooked up to a Peritoneal Dialysis machine for 6-10 hours every day. The situation is urgent since the wait for a kidney from a deceased donor takes several years. Your kidney donation can make Cynthia able to see her son graduate from highschool, go to college, get married and be with with him.  I new kidney can make her create many more memories. If you’re in good health with any blood type and have a strong desire to save a life, email her at or call 916-276-7603. Help Cynthia to get her life back. Save One Person. Save The World.