Save Ben! Benjamin Oakes a 29-year-old from Massachusetts. just received his PhD in plant genetics and could have a very promising future. He needs a stranger’s help to make his dreams a reality. Ben was born with a rare genetic condition, known as nephronophthisis, which caused his kidneys to fail at the age of 9.  Nephronophthisis (NPHP) is an autosomal recessive cystic kidney disease, which represents the most frequent genetic cause for end-stage renal disease. Nephronophthisis is caused by mutations in eleven different genes called nephrocystins (NPHP1-11, NPHP1L). Years ago, Ben’s father gave him a kidney that lasted until now. Ben is back again on dialysis, every night for nine to ten hours a day. Ben needs a kidney and looking for a living donor to live. If you have a desire to be an angel with blood type ‘O+’ and would like to save a life, please visit or email for more information. Even if you are not O blood, under the paired kidney exchange program, a donor who is not a match with Ben is matched to an unknown recipient and Ben could receive a kidney from an unknown donor who is matched with him as part of a swap program. Please help Ben live. Can you give Ben the gift of life? Please share your spare with Ben. Spread his story.