There’s a secret angel on this planet.  This angel saves lives, inspires others, a leader who creates other leaders to be an army of leaders who go around helping others, doing acts of  kindness and guiding people to live a meaningful life.  You might not know that Rabbi Simon Jacobson secretly saved the life of a 12-year-old girl who needed a kidney, or a black military man who needed an organ transplant or a fellow NYer who needed a living kidney donor, yet without his guidance and teachings these lives and many others would not have been connected and ultimately saved..  While the Rabbi never met the girl in Israel who needed a kidney, or the military man in NJ or the countless other people who received life-saving help, the Rabbi and his teachings were / are the invisible thread that saves lives literally and figuratively. I personally have been going to Rabbi Simon’s Jacobson’s classes for years where he gives his students the tools to live a life of purpose.  I am eternally grateful to the Rabbi as he gave my life meaning and purpose.  After I was close to a suicide bomb in Israel that killed 18 people, I met the Rabbi shortly after and asked him what I should do with my life after I realized how precious life is and how quickly it can be snuffed out.  The Rabbi’s advice was use my TV skills to help others. Shortly after that was born.  That has been my life’s mission ever since that fated meeting years ago.   So when there’s a connection with my life saving work between donor and donnee, Rabbi Simon Jacobson is nowhere around, yet the seed of those lives saved are from the angel himself.  And there’s countless other people who have the same story how the Rabbi inspired their own life’s mission and purpose. This season of miracles, I ask you to learn more about the Meaningful Life Center and make a donation to inspire the next generation of people searching for a meaningful life. Find out more by clicking on the link below and as the Rabbi says those who bless are blessed.