Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein, The Moms (, hosted another great event for mommy bloggers and press. This time it was for the premiere of the Broadway hit, “Annie”, at the Children’s Place, Palace Theatre – Mamarzzi, Annie on Broadway.

I just feel everything in life is connected. I took my six-year- old to his first Broadway show and I loved watching the huge smile on his face throughout the whole play. Unbelievably, my son sat in his chair the whole time, without getting up once, that’s how good this play is….

So how does this Broadway hit, relate to saving lives. Everyone knows the story of “Annie”, an orphan during the depression gets adopted by the wealthiest man in America, Oliver Warbucks. The message in this Broadway play, is there is always hope and the sun will always come out tomorrow, truly.

One poignant act in the play is when Oliver Warbucks takes Annie to visit the president, and Annie, sings the musical hit, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.” After the President and his team join in to sing in the uplifting words of this song with Annie after her first rendition, the President and his team come up with innovative programs to help the country out of the depression.

I just can’t help but think, how true to life, one person’s optimism can cause a ripple effect throughout the world. And that’s the whole point, of Save 1 Person, there’s a miracle out there, to happen, it’s up to us to grab that miracle and have belief, even when things are not looking so good. Annie’s message to me is grab your own miracle and save a life or lives in the process.