Photo by Lori Yoffe

Who knew being a mom with a mission, could be so much fun in New York City. The Moms, Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein, invited this mommy and founder of, and blogger for PrimeTimeParenting, to Strut: The Fashionable Moms Show to take in the energy, spirit and beauty of motherhood in the hippest way possible during fashion week. These moms hitting the runaway during fashion week at Lincoln Center in New York City, put the sizzle back in mommy by showing glitzy, to casual to sensible to stunning clothing, all while being a mom.

What truly bedazzled the audience during the fashion show was the inner beauty of each of these moms, who take on giving back as part of their own personal mission in this world. Some of the hot mommas included CEO’s like Stephanie Winston Wolkoff of SWW Creative and Holly Pavlika of Momentum to celebrities such as talk show host Wendy Williams and actress Lisa Rinna.

What these fashionable mommas all have in common is that they all give back through their philanthropy, dedication and commitment to their families, communities and world at large.

The Moms, hands down, who exemplified the brightest light, while strutting down the runaway, was Bernadette Catrabone, who’s a bone marrow transplant patient, and cancer survivor. Bernadette’s style and flair shines from within, through her strength, courage and doing it all despite adverse and overwhelming challenges. What is beauty and fashionable? These moms reminded us why mothers rule.

So what do with do with all this glamour? We of course join in as a community of inner and outer beauty to save a life, and strut our stuff that matters most – our ability to save and transform lives. There’s one baby who needs a transformation in her life to stay alive and we’re calling out to the world to help. Will you take your unique personal style and join in to save a life of a baby who needs a bone marrow match? Gabrielle Mongillo from New York was born with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, since she was adopted, and is from Yemen, no one in her immediate family is a bone marrow match. Will you get tested and join the bone marrow registry to see if you’re this little angel’s miracle. Go to and order your kit today. See what makes you shine on the runaway of life……………..