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A year ago, I was feeling I needed something for my soul, to take me to the next level and I didn’t know what? I’ve done a ton of personal growth type of workshops from Landmark Education to Personal Dynamics to the Kabbalah center to numerous torah classes, yet I still felt I needed more. After my friend Felicia, encouraged me to read Tony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, I signed up for his weekend seminar Unleash the Power Within in NJ.   Let’s see what this Tony is about I thought, he seemed pretty interesting in the movie “Shallow Hal”.  The weekend, left me in amazement, dazed, confused, and never feeling more alive.  The experience was between a rock concert, hypnosis, deep self reflection and self growth type of work.  Tony got the group in “peek state”, and I’m not sure if I was hyptonotized or not, when he offered a year of growth by signing up for Mastery University. This program offered a three part series which consisted of Life/wealth mastery in Fiji, Spain or Florida and Date with Destiny in Boca, Florida. I forgot my limiting beliefs, that I don’t have enough money, or time, or my other million other excuses, and I signed up for a different type of University.  The mere fact, I signed up was shocking to me, nevertheless, just like walking over the hot coals on the fire walk in New Jersey, I took a leap of faith.
What does this program offer, you might be asking yourself?  It’s amazing to me in life, that the most important things in life such as health, relationships and parenting, are not built into the foundation of our educational system in the United States.  In Fiji and Florida I learned so much about nutrition for the body and spirit. I took part in a cleanse where I ate very little and only had vegetables and fruits and essential oils. I learned about what creates disease, and how to give your body the best chance possible to be healthy. I learned how to dance through chaos and I learned how to change your state in a second, thanks to my rebounder and other practical tips and strategies.  I learned about beautiful states (how to access it quicker), masculine and feminine energy,  I learned about the blessing from a guru in India and a rock star in Def Leopard, I learned about meditating, and I created a vision for my life for the next year.  Out of my four one year goals, I just crossed one off my list.  The most poignant moments in this seminar for me, was when Tony asked if anyone was suicidal in the room, and one older man stood up and told his story that his wife had committed suicide, and he felt responsible and he wanted to kill himself too. We saw Tony walk this man from despair to celebration.  The energy in the room was beyond anything I have ever felt, the love, the hope, the compassion.  Another poignant moment to me was when a man stood up in the group and said he did not have a breakthrough during the seminar.  Maybe there were 10 people in a room of thousands who said the seminar did not change them in one way or the other.  Tony called on Mother Earth herself and asked the participant to take the energy from the sky and the core of the Earth and to feel it going through him, in and out his body, while screaming. Then Tony had the room of thousands do the same.  After this explosion of energy was felt, there was no blockage in this man’s body and I could have sworn Mother Earth was pleased herself to remove any blockages emotional or otherwise from this man.  Another highlight for me was purely entertainment when two of the participants, singers Natasha Bedingfield and  Melissa Etheridge performed for the group before we had our homework to inspire us to new heights. It was an amazing year of growth, travel and exploration.  I just signed up for Leadership Academy as my new adventure on the Tony Robbins journey.  I want to quote what Melissa Etheridge said during the seminar, I’ve never been so tired, so cold, so hungry in my entire life during this seminar. I’ve also never felt more exhilarated and alive in my entire life. I aspire to be a platinum member one day (hanging with a small crew, where proximity to your peers is power, traveling to exotic locations) And for now my year one goal of Leadership Academy for sure is an accomplishment, as I just officially signed up, again leaving my limited beliefs behind, noticing them but not letting them stop me. Life lessons about relationships, health, nutrition, parenting and  work are all to be found in this work.  And why I love it is because it introduces me to people from all over the world. What I also love about it is, I teach these lessons to my son, who absorbs this life changing information like a sponge.  I especially get a kick out of it when I get angry and my son shakes his but to change our emotional states. And we both get a good laugh. Can Tony Robbin’s save lives?  Tony is not saving a life, he’s saving the world.  And he’s making everyone look good in the process while feeling more alive, passionate, joyful and making a contribution to others.  If you have any interest in learning more call Kelly Phillips at Tony Robbins Company at  8585356325.Please tell Kelly, Lauren sent you from Save 1 Person. Save The World.